Self-Defense Workshop November 6th

Self-Defense Workshop November 6th

Sexual assault affects one in three women. First year college students can expect to encounter sexual assault at a higher rate than this national average within the first two semesters.

The YMCA stands on our pillars Healthy Living, Youth Development, and Social Responsibility. We believe it is a part of our cause to equip persons to handle themselves in a way that promotes their personal rights and safety as well as those of others. This workshop empowers students to stand up for their rights, assess unsafe situations, use basic skills for self-defense and limit injury from weapons.

Join us for our  Self-Defense Workshop, November 6th 1:30-3:30pm


 Ages 18+:$10.00*

 Ages 14-17: FREE*

*Due to the nature of this class we do not recommend individuals under the age of 14.


***The LOW cost of this workshop is made possible through the donors (that’s members of our community, like you!)  of our Annual Campaign. When we link arms we empower an entire community.***