Birthday Parties


Birthday parties can be reserved Friday evenings only from 5 pm to 7 pm

A maximum of 25 kids & adults are allowed in the pool.

Due to a lack of space, there is a cap of 25 total individuals allowed in the seated area for cake by the wellness floor.

  • $200 for non-members
  • $175 for members
  • $100 for staff

In order to reserve your party date, a $50 deposit is required at the time of registration.

The rest of the cost is due at least one week prior to the party.

The $50 deposit required is NON-REFUNDABLE.

The birthday party home base will be at the tables in front of the wellness center. The tables will be reserved for the party and party guests are able to use the green lockers. The Family Locker room will be available for changing into swim suits.

From 5 pm – 6 pm, the party can utilize the home base for food, drinks, and presents.

The allowed time slot for pool usages is from 6 pm – 7 pm.

No kids are allowed in the hot tub or the sauna during the birthday party.

  • All children in the birthday group are required to wear a yellow safety necklace in the pool.
  • The supervising adult must be in the pool area and responsible for the children and that they are following the rules. 
  • No rough housing.
  • Follow all Lifeguard instructions.
  • All swimmers must shower before entering pool.
  • No food, glass containers, or beverages other than water on the pool deck.
  • Shoe covers must be worn if you are not barefoot or wearing flip flops/sandals. Covers are provided.
  • As a courtesy to others, do not use the pool when sick.
  • No jumping, running or diving in any area of the pool.
  • No hanging or sitting on the safety lines.
  • There is no swimming in the slide well when the slide is on.
  • Anyone that is not bathroom trained must wear a swim diaper.
  • No smacking of noodles or kickboards.

Slide Rules:

  • Riders must go down the slide feet first in the seated position or lying on their back. One at a time. Lifejackets permitted.
  • Please wait at the bottom of the stairs next to the lifeguard, until the rider has entered the water, then WALK up steps. 

Whistle Blasts:

  • 1 Short Whistle Blast: pay attention to the lifeguards
  • 1 Long Whistle Blast: clear the pool immediately