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Kids Gym

We are so happy to open up the Kids Gym to our younger members! With some brainstorming and a good team we have put into place some guidelines–and also some structured fun in order to keep the Kids Gym a place where everyone can feel safe and also have a great time!

Because the YMCA represents families we are excited to offer this area once more to our members. We thank you for being attentive to a few precautions and plans in order to keep things open and running smoothly.

  1. The Kids Gym is open to children 5-12
  2. Registration is required before attending. In the case that no one is signed up in advance for the Kids Gym the YMCA reserves the right to not open the Kids Gym
  3. Masks are required
  4. There is a 10 child maximum per session
  5. Structured activities will be provided during one hour sessions. This will help to keep children occupied as well as encouraging distancing at the same time. Activities include but are not limited to; obstacle courses, parachute, relay races, etc.
  6. In addition there are opportunities on the weekend for member families to reserve the Kids Gym space.
    1. Space reservation time is limited to 1 hour.
    2. Families may join reservations as they see fit using their own personal precautions and safety guidelines.
    3. All participants MUST be members


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