Chief Executive Officer

Jenna Zdunek, Chief Executive Officer
work: 906.227.9622
The Y is a huge part of the story of my life! The Y is my culture and part of my family. I started working for the Y a decade ago when I was 21 and attending NMU. Growing up without a Y, I wasn’t sure what to expect but once I started I knew I never wanted to leave. I started my position working in the Marquette and West End wellness centers and had the opportunity to meet amazing staff and members. With in a few months I was teaching cardio boxing, Pilates, spinning strength classes and personal training. I started as the Health and Fitness Director when I graduated and have had time to learn, grow and I feel so blessed to be apart of an organization that makes an impact in our community and help made a difference in people’s lives. I met my husband because of the Y and now I get to watch my son grow up in the YMCA!